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What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

  • How should I prepare my house before selling it?
    A house that is in good selling condition benefits both you and the buyer. It will sell faster, for more money, and be problem-free for years to come. The key is preparation — do as much work on it as you can upfront. By doing so, you'll avoid having to make costly repairs after it's sold. To put your house in the best possible position to sell, you should thoroughly clean and declutter every room. Then, make simple updates such as updating the fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen and repairing or painting damaged walls. Make sure to put away valuable belongings. Also, pack away family photos to ensure the space is a neutral environment for home buyers and there are no distractions from the home. The goal is to have the buyer be able to envision themselves living in the home you're selling.
  • What is the selling price of my home?
    The sales price of your home depends on many factors, including location, condition, amenities, and recent comparable sales. Our experienced real estate agents can help you determine what it will sell for in today's market as well as give you a realistic "CMA" (Comparable Market Analysis) for future financial planning.
  • How long will it take to sell my home?
    If you're thinking about putting your house on the market, you probably want to know how much time it will take for someone to buy it. With our strategic marketing plan, we get your property high exposure by targeting your specific buyer ensuring your home gets sold quickly.
  • What is the first step in buying a home?
    If you want to buy a home, the first thing that you need to do is talk to a lender. A good lender will help you understand your financial situation, review your budget and goals, and find an approach that's right for you. Our first step in helping you buy a home after being pre-approved starts with identifying what type of home you are looking for based on your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We work with trusted local lenders and can refer you to one! We are here to help!
  • How does earnest money work?
    Earnest money is a deposit you put down on a home when you make an offer. After your offer is accepted, the amount of earnest money becomes part of the purchase price, and the seller holds onto it until closing. Earnest money is used in most states as a way to ensure that the buyer has good intentions and will follow through with their offer.
  • Should I do a home inspection?
    Home inspections are a great tool to help determine the condition of your home, and can point out defects that may not be visible to untrained eyes. It's highly suggested that you do one before buying any property—especially if you're making a large investment or are planning on putting a lot of money into improvements.
  • What kind of credit score do I need to buy a home?
    The range of scores needed to buy a home varies by lender and location. The type of credit score you have can affect the amount and types of mortgage deals that are available to you. You need at least a 620 (or higher) to comfortably buy a home, but 760+ is better if you want to qualify for the lowest rates.
  • Do I work with you directly or your team?
    We work closely with you and you're assigned real estate agent to ensure that your property is exposed to the widest audience possible. Our team will be available for the duration of your listing, vetting potential buyers and ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about potential offers.
  • Should I sell my current home before buying a new one?
    That depends on your situation. If you have a home that needs a lot of work and isn’t in your ideal location, then selling it first is usually the best option. On the other hand, if you have a home that is worth more than what you’re buying, then selling your current home while buying another will allow you to make some money – called “asset trading” – that can help finance the purchase of your next home. If you have been thinking of selling your current call us with any questions you have! We will be happy to guide you through the selling process! Katie Hawken (801) 891-2278
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